Nick Tsiavos 


The passionate, sublime beauty of Ancient Chant colliding with the energy and instability of contemporary culture.The ancient becomes modern, as the languages and energies of Modernism mix freely with the rapture and danger of Sacred Text. In LIMINAL, Nick Tsiavos brings together a group of brilliantly creative and intuitively aware musicians in his 25 year exploration of these ideas.

His new cd for electro-acoustic chamber ensemble, 'Liminal' was released on the Beat No Beat label in October 2010. Liminal was officially launched on 30th April 2011 

'This is an outstanding new Australian release, a beautiful and moving disc. Liminal is somewhat reminiscent of the “holy minimalism” of Górecki and Tavener, recorded with clean resonance. Beneath the liquid surface, however, lies an undercurrent of just-contained fire.' Julian Day, Limelight Magazine


'Nick Tsiavos has a brand new album out, titled 'Liminal' and like the word it’s a beautiful and subtle listening experience.'John-Paul Hussey, Neos Kosmos


'The way Tsiavos talks, like his music, is a flow of weighty ideas and metaphysical odysseys that have made him one of Australia's most enigmatic and interesting musicians and composers.' Mike Sweet, Neos Kosmos