An ancient word, it has moved beyond its original liturgical usage to one that has a web of meanings woven through it. It encompasses the light of joy and elation. It never fails as a succinct and useful form of punctuation.  And as we fall into the depths, seeking hope against the dark in a final resigned acceptance of all that will come to pass, the word hovers close in our consciousness.


Adam and I have been working together in various situations the past ten years, mainly in my 'Liminal' quintet and its larger manifestations, yet we were eager to explore what was possible in a distilled form of the work we have collaborated on  - just Adam and his soprano sax, and me with my bass. An opportunity arose in late 2014 when the Art Gallery of Ballarat invited the two of us to perform at 'EIKON' , their exhibition of Byzantine Iconography. I suggested we explore a collection of Alleluias in their proper and plagal forms, as an entry point into our idea of developing a performing duo, and this is the result.